Engaging the environment

The University needs to keep students vested in sustainability.

by Daily Editorial Board

We live in an era in which, for the first time, an entire generation of young people has been raised with the principle that we must be conscious of our actions environmentally.

We remember Captain Planet, we’ve grown up with countless Disney and Pixar films with environmental protection premises and we’ve witnessed firsthand the incorrigible actions of secretive corporate giants who have slinked away from their own slimy environmental messes.

So if our generation is one of the first to add hints of morality to the task of conserving the environment, why isn’t it getting more student attention?

The University has some very successful green initiatives, but other than the “It All Adds Up” posters that are plastered around campus, the publicity for the actual strategies and policies making our campus sustainable and energy efficient is missing.

Many “green” clubs and projects around campus are doing their best to increase awareness and student involvement in their efforts, and even though the University’s student involvement in keeping the school environmentally friendly was given an “A” grade by greenreportcard.org, there is still progress to be made in keeping students engaged in the interests of the global community.

The problems with our environment are not ones that can be solved in four years of a college career; they are ones that may take us a lifetime to find real solutions to. But once we’ve attached ourselves to the ethical aspect of the “green” commitment, we can’t become disengaged.