Dinkytown’s Fowl Play closed; owner’s

Fowl Play, Dinkytown’s only bar with a hard liquor license, closed indefinitely Thursday.
The owner of the bar at the 1300 block of Fourth Street Southeast and other employees could not be reached for comment.
Irv Hershkovitz, the owner of the building where Fowl Play is housed confirmed that proceedings are in motion to evict the “former owner” of Fowl Play. He did not say how long the bar will be closed.
An unlawful detainer complaint filed in Hennepin County records indicates the tenant went through a prior eviction proceeding on Jan. 15.
Attorneys representing Dinkytown Properties, the company that owns the building, said the earlier motion to evict the owner of Fowl Play was dismissed Jan. 15.
The bar had been on the city’s list for not paying taxes from December until Feb. 15. The owner received a citation from liquor license inspectors Feb. 5 for purchasing some beer in his stock illegally, said Grant Wilson, a Minneapolis liquor license inspector. He added that Fowl Play’s liquor license is not in jeopardy.
Wilson said the beer was purchased from a local vendor while the bar was on the city’s delinquent tax list, a violation of the liquor license.
— Sarah McKenzie