Celebrity Guest Writers Issue

Editor’s note: Everyone has an opinion. Some people have two. Who knows how many those damn aliens have. But these opinions must be taken with a grain of salt; … maybe just a little bit of pepper, too.
Whether one agrees with another’s opinion doesn’t matter; what matters is when people learn to honor others’ opinions, to at least listen. This is America, where the expression of opinions is encouraged by our Constitution. Everyone — even celebrities like Erik Estrada — must be given the right to express their opinion, or so-called expertise, about any subjects.
We of the Daily thought that if Erik Estrada is allowed to write an autobiography, then anyone should be allowed to write for the Daily. This is why we present to you our Celebrity Guest Writers Issue.
We thought it would be even more interesting to have celebrities report on subjects about which they know very little. Because of budget and time constraints we had our reporters make believe they are celebrities. The stories that follow are not written by the celebrities named in the bylines, but instead by our reporters. Some of the photos have been altered for humorous purposes.
Think of it as the outtakes of an episode of “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher. Or think of the issue as a flattened ball of sass, if you want. Whatever, just be safe and have fun. On behalf of the Daily, good luck on finals and try a smoothie.

— Nick Doty, CEO