Republicans can complain but not govern

by Paul Smiskol - University staff

It seems that all one has to do in order to be Chairman of the University College Republicans is watch a few snippets of FOX News. Apparently, thatâÄôs all Phil Troy has done because his misguided Jan. 31 editorial in the Minnesota Daily was full of the same empty talking points with no details.
People who share Mr. TroyâÄôs views like to state that President Barack Obama is spending irresponsibly, yet they donâÄôt give any examples. They canâÄôt possibly mean the health care bill because that will actually save us money over the next 10 years. They canâÄôt be talking about the stimulus bill either because that was necessary in order to clean up after the disastrous Bush administration, and over a million jobs were created last year because of it. In fact, the one thing contributing the most to our deficit is the lower tax rate that the Republicans themselves fought so hard for.
You canâÄôt give the wealthiest Americans tax cuts and expect everything to be okay. If we had repealed all of the Bush-era cuts, including those for the middle-class, we could have wiped out roughly $600 billion of our deficit over the next 15 years. You canâÄôt lower taxes and reduce the deficit as well. The two do not go hand-in-hand.
Conservatives have no idea how to govern. If another Republican ever becomes president, I will need to figure out what to do with my retirement savings because another recession will surely be on the way.