Kaler paid more than most public college presidents

by Christopher Aadland

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler is among the nation’s highest paid public college presidents, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported.


Kaler, who earned $610,000 last year, ranked 29th out of 227 public colleges nationwide. While the median salary of college presidents is nearly $430,000, two earned at least $1 million, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s data.


His salary also puts him in the top-half of Big Ten presidents, Minnesota Public Radio reported.


“The way I look at it is, these are large complex jobs,” Kaler told the Star Tribune. “It’s a $3.5 billion business, and I’m CEO of it. I’m paid in line with people who have similar jobs.”


Kaler, who has been president since 2011, was given a 2.5 percent pay raise and a five-year contract extension by the Board of Regents last year, the Star Tribune reported.


But Kaler is not the highest paid University employee. Gophers head football coach Jerry Kill made $2.1 million last year, and Gophers head men’s basketball coach Richard Pitino makes an average of $1.2 million a year, according to the Star Tribune.