Wine, drones and scuba gear: plan fall semester accordingly

The University offers a lot of courses — don’t miss out on these hidden gems while registering for next fall.

Illustration by Jane Borstad.

Jane Borstad

Illustration by Jane Borstad.

by Maraya King

Registration for fall semester is quickly approaching at the University of Minnesota. Break up your usual course load with these eclectic classes.

College is the perfect place to mix work and play, so why not in the classroom?

Whether you are looking to stay in shape, sip wine in the afternoon or even spend hours in the Minneapolis Institute of Art — you can get college credit for it.

Death and Dying Across Cultures and Religions (Mortuary Science 3370)

We’re all a little curious about what happens after you die. This course covers how people of different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds understand death.

For three credits and no prerequisites, this class might just take your breath away.

Museum History and Philosophy (Museum Studies 5011)

Do you love to wander aimlessly for hours through museums? This course lets you do that while discussing emerging philosophical issues faced by museums today.

Class size is limited to only 20 students and meets once a week, which makes it the perfect social hour for three credits.

Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis of Natural Resources and Environment (Forest and Natural Resource Management 3262)

This class studies water quality, global change, land resources and more via satellite, aircraft and drone imagery.

You can get three college credits for flying drones and becoming a whiz with Google Earth. Not enticed yet? There are no required prerequisites.

Vines and Wines: Introduction to Viticulture and Enology (Horticulture 1031)

This class combines your two favorite things: drinking and getting college credits your parents can be proud of. Impress your family and friends with the correct use of terms like “arid” and “full-bodied.”

Students 21 and older can become wine connoisseurs in just a semester with this three-credit course.

Scuba and Skin Diving (Physical Education 1205)

Looking for motivation to hit the gym? Look no further. This class meets once a week at the Aquatic Center on campus for an evening of diving. This class covers equipment usage, aquatic life and more.

You can earn one credit while feeling your stress float away.

Animal Diversity Laboratory (Biology 2005)

Wish there were more hands-on learning exercises in your courses? This lab lets you dissect a different creature each week from grasshoppers to pigs and sea cucumbers.

With only one lab a week, this two-credit course is a must.

Digital Games, Sims and Apps: Storytelling, Play and Commerce (Journalism 1501)

Turn your hobby into college credit by studying video games, computer simulations and gaming designs.

Knock out your requirements for arts/humanities and the technology and society theme with this three-credit course.

Feminist Film Studies (Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies 3307)

Remember the excitement you felt in elementary school when your teacher would roll in the movie cart? This is the college-level equivalent complete with class discussions of gender roles in film.

This class is worth three credits and accounts for arts and humanities as well as diversity and social justice requirements.

Rock Climbing (Physical Education 1045)

Finally take advantage of the rock climbing wall you have been in awe of since Welcome Week with this one-credit course. 

Class sizes are limited to 15 people, so grab some friends and make it the highlight of your week.

Aliens (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature 3335)

Have you ever wondered if life exists on other planets? Of course you have. This course explores novels, radio broadcasts and films’ use of “aliens” and how society perceives them.

For three credits and a diversity and social justice requirement, you could spend two afternoons a week sharing conspiracy theories.