Four wild vintage items at Northeast’s “The Cat and the Cobra”

The vintage store in Northeast Minneapolis fills the racks with truly unique pieces, setting itself apart from the competition.

An intricately designed Vintage Hermes Paris jacket at The Cat and The Cobra thrift and Consignment store on Friday, Feb 29.

Parker Johnson

An intricately designed Vintage Hermes Paris jacket at The Cat and The Cobra thrift and Consignment store on Friday, Feb 29.

by Alex Strangman

Step into The Cat and The Cobra and you’ll find a plethora of unique threads waiting catch the eyes of prospective customers.

From second-hand denim to various retro band and Harley-Davidson tees, this Northeast Minneapolis store has the trendy thrifter in mind.

Since the store’s conception in October 2018, owners Casey Henricksen and Eric Swenson have gone to great lengths to ensure their racks are filled with only the coolest pieces thrifters can get their hands on.

On days when the store is closed, Henricksen scours the Twin Cities for some of the hottest vintage threads, while Swenson makes the trek to small towns throughout the Midwest to snatch up the rarest and most unique clothes he can find.

“Most of our store stuff is like, ’90s, ’80s and ’70s … that’s really what we find in the thrift stores. But, when Eric is out, he’s looking for pieces that are like ’60’s and older — the really special stuff,” Henricksen said.

Part of the unique experience is the feeling of exclusivity the store provides, with hours only Friday through Sunday. 

The Cat and the Cobra also boasts unique flea-market-style pricing, where nothing is tagged, creating room for some good old fashioned haggling.

A&E took a trip to the store to search the racks for the most funky, outlandish and one-of-a-kind items.

1970s Coca-Cola beach pants

These eye-catching beach pants are shaped at the thigh, flare out from the knee to a bell-bottom hem and feature a drawstring waist. With Coca-Cola’s signature red and white colors in a checkered print, they’re funky. But more notably, they were part of the famous 1970s “It’s the real thing, Coke” ad campaign. 

Originally sold by the Coca-Cola company for $2.98, the cotton pants were advertised to “Go great when you are enjoying the real thing.“

WWII sheepskin flight pants

Good luck finding an authentic pair of World War II Aero Leather A-5 Bomber Aircrew Sheepskin flight pants in any other store.

These pants were worn by U.S. Air Force pilots and aircrew flying over Europe to protect themselves against frigid high-altitude temperatures.

The sheepskin-lined interior makes for the perfect pair of pants to catch some eyes while staying warm during a cold Minnesota winter.

Budweiser Tennis Shoes

These limited-edition Budweiser tennis shoes are a steal for beer aficionados everywhere, or the perfect shoe to add a little bit of vintage flash to any wardrobe.

Manufactured by Brown Shoe Group in the early 1980s, these bright red kicks feature a Budweiser bottle cap logo on the side and the Budweiser label on the tongue.

Vintage Hermes Paris Jacket

This lightweight vintage Hermes Paris silk bomber jacket is a perfect statement piece for spring. It was made in 1991 and is covered with incredibly intricate detailing.

The front, back and sleeves all feature the same image of a man on a horse above the french phrase “feux d’artifice,” which translates into “fireworks.”

A jacket like this exudes confidence, with the signature “Hermes Paris” logo featured in big bold letters on the front, back and sleeves of the jacket, showing off major designer drip.