Daily names new

by Mark Baumgarten

Marty Brown would like to make an impact on The Minnesota Daily long after he has left the University. And his recent appointment will afford him the opportunity to make a long-lasting impression.
The Daily’s board of directors appointed Brown as the paper’s new business manager for the 1999-2000 school year.
“All of our applicants were very qualified,” said Damon Ray, the board’s president. “But Marty has made the sales department worlds better than it was before, and that’s what we need,” Ray added.
The board chose Brown, a senior majoring in applied economics and speech communications, from a field of three applicants after he endured a slew of essay questions and an hour-long interview with the Daily’s board of directors last week.
As the new business manager, Brown will supervise all non-editorial operations of the paper, including the marketing, production and sales departments.
Brown believes his current position as sales manager, along with his past positions as lineage representative and advertising account executive, will assist him in fulfilling his role as business manager.
“Sales is the largest department at the Daily, and I feel I have run it very well,” Brown said. “I believe the communication skills I have attained while climbing the Daily corporate ladder will help me a lot.”
Brown plans to work with the editor in chief to develop a five-year fiscal plan for the Daily.
“The plan will hopefully get the Daily more focused,” Brown said. “When things are focused, it’s easier to make decisions in sales and marketing, as well as all other aspects of the paper,” he added.
The current business manager, Adam Duey, is scheduled to end his one-year term on June 14 when he will relinquish his position to Brown.