Kerry’s stance on abortion is illogical

It’s time voters demand clarity or dismiss Kerry for his inconsistency.

On July 22, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., explained his position on abortion to ABC news anchor Peter Jennings. A close look at Kerry’s stance leaves voters with two rational conclusions. Either Kerry is too weak to stand against what he views as the destruction of innocent life or he is a straight-faced liar pandering to moderate Catholic voters. Both options are problematic and should cause Minnesota voters to reject him.

In the interview Kerry confirmed his belief life begins at conception. He stated he is “not pro-abortion” and “there are huge moral implications” that accompany a woman’s decision. Simultaneously, he supported Roe v. Wade and maintained he’s pro-choice. He also holds one of the most favorable Planned Parenthood ratings in the Senate.

The ABC transcript reads more like a Yogi Berra interview than that of a Yale-educated U.S. senator. The ease with which Kerry has attempted to craft a neutral and illogical stance should disturb anyone listening.

Kerry tries to reconcile his views stating it is not government’s role to meddle in this choice. This would be credible if he did not believe life begins at conception. But Kerry has stated and affirmed such a belief.

What can the legitimate role of government be, if not to prevent the destruction of what Kerry himself calls life? Liberals and conservatives alike recognize the government’s first responsibility is to protect its people.

Voters must seriously ask whether they desire a president who argues the state has no role in proscribing the destruction of life. Kerry’s position on abortion, in conjunction with his familiar inability to stand firm on important issues, should unnerve even liberal voters and make them question whether he has the integrity, consistency and moral courage required for the oval office.

The other option is Kerry’s statements are falsehoods told to gain precious swing votes. After all, one of Kerry’s principle problems is appealing to moderate Catholics who balk at his strong pro-choice record. Additionally, his statements are consistent with his attempt to convince the public he represents traditional values. It’s not the first time Kerry has straddled the fence.

It’s time voters demand clarity or dismiss Kerry for his inconsistency and moral cowardice.

Bryan R. Freeman is a University law student and intern with the Alliance Defense Fund. Please send comments to [email protected]