Diplomacy can work

The remarks by David Simon, “Pre-emptive attacks are prudent foreign policy,” (Sept. 23) support a world view that escalates military tension and destabilizes any hope for a world order. In the wake of a virtually unprecedented level of U.N. support, the international community has sent a clear message to the world, including the United States: Diplomacy can work. International pressure and the reluctance of U.S. allies forced President George W. Bush to build an international consensus, and (much to the dismay of Bush’s predominately hawkish administration) it has succeeded. Moving forward with pre-emptive military action would only provide more examples of American arrogance in a world already replete with such examples. It is also worth noting that Simon’s lone example of pre-emptive action by Israeli succeeded in creating significant international repercussions, but failed to eliminate Iraq’s ability to wage war against the nation.