How to have a great freshman year

A few things every freshman should know before diving into classes.

by Erin Lengas

The most nerve-wracking aspect of freshman year is the element of the unknown. No one enters college knowing exactly what to expect. I have looked back and thought of my best advice and âÄúwhat I wish I knew thenâÄù moments to share with the new freshmen.
âÄîThere will always be another party. If you have a test coming up or canâÄôt remember the last time you slept for more than five hours at a time, call it a night and stay in.
âÄîRelax. Freshman year is about adjusting, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. Try not to stress; it hardly ever pays off. Everything will make sense later.
âÄîFailing a test is normal âÄî and not the end of the world. My first failed test in college seriously stressed me. If a bad grade comes as a surprise, youâÄôre probably not alone. Form a study group with people in class. Studying with others helps the information stick, and you will meet new people.
âÄîYou arenâÄôt missing anything at home. Every time I went home, I felt like I had never left. Try to remind yourself of this if homesickness creeps up. Things at home usually stay the same, but this is your time to change.
âÄîEvery other freshman feels just as nervous as you do. If they say otherwise, theyâÄôre probably lying.
âÄîBe honest with your roommate and open-minded toward your relationship. The connection between roommates is like no other. You donâÄôt have to become best friends, but you do have to live together. Lay your rules and expectations on the line right away, and respect theirs.
âÄîGet lost on the city buses. It is the best way to learn. You will always find your way home.
âÄîBe yourself. It is the only way to find friends with whom you really connect.
The amount I learned my freshman year amazes me and I wish I could share it all. But sometimes, the fun lies in learning on your own. Whether you take my advice or not, you will have learned these tips by the end of the year. And, of course, donâÄôt forget to have fun.