Net: We are pleased to announce that Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Dude and his studious compadres have reached rapprochement. Apparently, even number types are feeling the solidarity of student brotherhood. Read on …

From Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Dude: Sup, Network? I’d like to give you mad props for publishing my letter the other day.
Net: No problem. It’s summer. We’re desperate.
Because of that, I frightened all the math students. They took my advice and even let me set the curve on the last exam! Thank you, Network, and thank you, math students.
I’d also like to compliment my class as a whole. I’ve never seen such dedication from a group of students before. On Monday the temperature outside was 90, but it must have been in the 100s on the third floor of Vincent Hall. On top of that we had noise from lawn mowers, fire engines, and low-flying airplanes. However, none of these distractions shook anyone.
All held on to their first love.
Net: And if we all did that, the incidence of STDs would drop dramatically. Think about it.
But when the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra decided to entertain us three floors below, our instructor began to look like University President Mark Yudof when he got his pancakes stolen! We all had a laugh.
Net: So that means you were there too, weren’t you, Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Dude? We suspect you have a bit of the dedicated student in yourself also. Hmmm … we may have to revise the invite list for NITWIT’s next bacchanalia.
It showed there was more to life than just math. So I want to take back my comments in my last letter to tell the math students that you’re all a young, bright, promising, and well-rounded group of students. It’s a pleasure to be in your class. Oh, and you can begin destroying the curve again, cuz I’m up there wit ya! To everyone at the U: If you can’t beat them, join them!
Peace — I’m out like the USA in the World Cup.
Net: And on that note, take it easy y’all. Don’t let the sun catch you crying, and when the rain falls, use it to take the blame. We’re just chillin’ our way through another lazy day — shouldn’t summer always be that way?

From The Saper: When did this campus start dividing itself into categories, whose boundaries were drawn by ignorance, apathy and misunderstanding. Net: Probably when it started admitting humans. Since I came to the U hoping that such a large campus would offer me diversity, maybe I was ignorant in thinking that with such a diverse group of people most would find ways to get along.
I grew up in St. Anthony Park near the St. Paul campus. My first date was bowling at the St. Paul student center, my first kiss was nearby in college park. I spent a lot of time on campus, knowing that one day I would attend class here. Net: Not to offend you, but wow, talk about narrow horizons. We hope you were certain the entire time. I’d always looked up to the students at the U with the impression that they were mature adults seeking more then just a degree, but also an education.
Now, here I am on campus, and from the inside it’s a whole different story. Now, I see students trudging along doing the least possible to get an acceptable grade, bickering with other students about what they wear and how they get to class, pretending to fight some fantasy Squirrel Squadron. Net: What do you want? 24-hour long faces over the Middle East? Get real people! Net: They are, Saper. They’re making it from day to day, and trying to keep from going nuts. Hence the squirrel debates.
Live for you! Instead of trying to make others change, try to help yourself grow. For everyone: If the jacket is warm wear it, if the hat looks good wear it, if the bike still moves ride it, if the squirrel attacks walk away and if you know how to remove that grease stain call me, please.
I know there are others out there who can get along with all sorts of folk. So I implore you to speak up and share your encouraging tales.
Peace Out.