Things are better than ever, aren’t they?

It’s getting worse, not better. Until Bush realizes his mistakes, he cannot be trusted.

President George W. Bush, it’s finally time to admit that you are not helping. You say things are getting better, but we all know the truth. Please sir, stop, and take a moment to think before you make more decisions that hurt our way of life.

When, through your tax policies, you export our manufacturing base, not only do you increase profits for only a small group of corporate interests, you remove a crucial source of dignified work for many of our hard-working people.

This leaves skilled women and men with no choice but lower-paying jobs, diminishing our country’s skill level and pushing our undereducated citizens into the social welfare systems. Is this what you call progress? How can we expect a child to flourish when his or her mother and father strain to provide food and shelter?

Gone are the days of a proud family history in dignified craftwork. Our current system is creating a generation of burger-flipping, mop-pushing Wal-Mart greeters. It is truly horrific that even fast-food grill jobs are in high demand; this isn’t the way it was or should be. Through your exportation of labor, in the wake of this corporate greed, you have made it much more difficult to raise a family.

At every turn, you have failed us over and over again. Tax cuts for the wealthy do not create more jobs; they simply create more wealth for the wealthy and give more power to the powerful. These monies are not spent on the creation of new enterprise; not spent on more cars or on more bread. The garages and pantries of the wealthy are already full.

Telling teachers to “leave no child behind” and then coldly denying them the resources to do so, is not only hypocritical, it’s shameful. Neglected children will grow up without the quality of education we promised, leaving yet another generation to bounce around the bottom of our economic barrel.

The lines of corporate collusion with your administration run far too deeply. The notion of job exportation only appeals to this administration and its corporate elite. Ask any technician, engineer, laborer or scientist if it helps him or her to have corporate interests send their job overseas, while their corporations pay fewer taxes.

The answer is blindingly clear, yet this administration is too out of touch to care.

Our representatives should be making decisions and setting a national agenda that helps the people of this country, not hurts them. If they can’t pass this simple test, then it’s time for a change in leadership. Setting a logical national agenda is actually quite simple, yet so elusive to those in power because of a vision clouded by personal agendas and corporate greed.

Bush, we have needed your help for the last four years. The people along with the American dream and all that it stands for are hurting. And it hurts and confuses us when you tell us everything is better all the time, when we know it’s not.

It’s getting worse, not better, and until you realize your mistakes, there is no way we can trust you to lead us to a better life and a better world.

I voted for you four years ago. I trusted you. You seemed like a man of the people. Clearly, I was wrong. I can admit to my mistakes and try to correct them. I would like to know, Bush, why can’t you?

John Mellesmoen is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected].