University neighborhoods see weekend assaults and burglaries

by Kia Farhang

Two men were assaulted within five minutes of each other early Sunday morning in the Southeast Como neighborhood, according to Minneapolis police reports.

The suspect in the first incident escaped on a bike after punching the victim in the face on 16th Avenue Southeast, one report said. The victim hit his head on the ground and was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

A few minutes later, University of Minnesota psychology and human resource development junior Kayla Casias said she heard someone talking outside her house on Como Avenue Southeast.

She heard a thud, looked outside and saw one man standing over another in the road.

“This kid just got his face slammed,” she said, adding there was blood in the street.

An ambulance took the victim to the hospital shortly after, another report said.

Police arrested a man after he punched a University student at the Library Bar and Grill early Saturday morning, according to a Minneapolis police report

The suspect had misdemeanor warrants out for his arrest. He was booked at the Hennepin County jail.


Home burglaries

Neighborhoods surrounding the University saw several home burglaries over the weekend, according to Minneapolis police reports.

Someone entered a University student’s unlocked front porch on 18th Avenue Southeast between Saturday and Sunday and stole two bikes, one report said. Several other bikes on the porch were left alone.

On Saturday morning, Police responded to an apartment burglary on Sixth Street Southeast while the residents were sleeping, according to another report.

Cassandra Snow said she and her roommate had forgotten to close the windows.

“It was so late that I thought it would be OK,” she said.

When they woke up Saturday morning, they noticed one of their window screens was missing, the report said.

Two backpacks, a purse and a laptop were taken from the living room. Police checked a neighboring yard and found the purse, but the wallet inside it was gone.



University police cited three women for driving while intoxicated in separate incidents last week, according to reports.

Deputy Chief Chick Miner said all of the suspects were committing other traffic violations when police stopped them.

A University alumna was speeding on the 10th Avenue Bridge early Friday morning when an officer pulled her over, according to a University police report.

Miner said the woman told police she’d had “a couple of drinks” but she tested above the legal alcohol limit.

Another woman was speeding on 15th Avenue Southeast early Saturday morning, a report said.

Miner said the officer noticed an open bottle of rum in the car. Both the driver and her passenger are under age 21 and were arrested for DWI and underage consumption, respectively.

Police stopped a woman early Sunday morning as she was trying to drive out of the Dinkytown Parking Facility, according to another report.

Miner said the woman, who is not affiliated with the University, was honking her horn while stuck behind the parking gate arm.

She was also cited for driving under the influence. 


Thefts from cars

Two Marcy-Holmes residents had belongings stolen from their cars this week, according to Minneapolis police reports.

Across the Minneapolis Police Department’s 2nd Precinct, which includes the University of Minnesota and its surrounding neighborhoods, 14 thefts from motor vehicles were reported last week.

Hennepin Technical College junior Paul Fure walked back to his house on Eighth Street Southeast early Wednesday morning to find three people standing near his car in the parking lot, according to a Minneapolis police report.

The next morning, Fure said he noticed someone had taken his sweatshirt, gym bag and car title from the vehicle.

“It’s kind of a little eye-opener to what’s actually going down in Dinkytown,” Fure said, who moved in two weeks ago.  

A University student had his credit cards stolen from his car early Sunday morning, another police report said.

The student had parked his car behind his apartment on University Avenue Southeast. After noticing the car had been broken into, he got several calls from his credit card companies about fraudulent charges on the cards.

Someone tried to break in to another University student’s car Wednesday, a Minneapolis police report said.

The student parked his car near the intersection of 18th Avenue Southeast and Rollins Avenue Southeast before walking to work. Later that day, he noticed someone had forced in the lock of his driver-side door.


Office thefts

A University staff member had his laptop stolen Tuesday when he stepped away from his office in the Regis Center for Art, according to a University police report.

University police recorded 145 thefts in the first five months of the year. That’s down from 208 thefts in the same period last year.

Another University staff member may have had her credit cards stolen from her office Monday in the 717 Delaware Building.

A University police report said the theft may have occurred at a movie theater the night before, but the victim didn’t start getting charges on her debit card until Wednesday afternoon.