“Boobs & Booze” doesn’t respect women

by Melissa Ludescher - University Student

I did not appreciate the offensive article, âÄúBoobs & Booze,âÄù in the Sept. 29 issue of the Minnesota Daily in the slightest. To make matters worse, it was printed in a prime location of the newspaper âÄî it was the first thing that caught my eye as I opened the A&E section of the Daily.

I found this article to be unprofessional for a newspaper that prides itself on giving University of Minnesota students the opportunity to gain experience in the world of journalism.

Larger-scale newspapers like the Star Tribune or the Pioneer Press would never print an article of this nature because of the backlash they would undoubtedly receive from readers who deem it offensive.

I will never support strip clubs âÄî or any other forms of pornography âÄî because they are degrading to women.

In the last few decades, women have slowly been gaining equality in most aspects of daily life in our country, but articles that use such crude and vulgar language to describe women impede the gender gap from closing. This article simply insults women while pushing back progress toward full equality.

The last thing our culture needs is another message out there encouraging men to go out with their âÄúbrosâÄù and âÄú$1 billsâÄù to use women as a means of personal pleasure, as suggested in the article.

Instead, we need more stories empowering and encouraging women. Women are, in fact, more than just a âÄúpair of ta-tas shoved in your face.âÄù