Cold snap puts outdoor activity in Minneapolis on ice

Temperatures are expected to climb into positive figures Saturday.

by Raya Zimmerman

With temperatures in Minneapolis dropping as low as 16 below zero this morning, you can be forgiven for thinking todayâÄôs projected high of zero is balmy.

The end of negative temperatures is in sight as tomorrowâÄôs readings are expected to rise above zero, but Minneapolis has to endure a 50 percent chance of snow this afternoon first.

But if you think Minneapolis is suffering, International Falls reported temperatures of 46 below zero overnight.

Luckily, a wind chill advisory, which was in effect in Minneapolis until this morning, has passed, although the gripping winds will continue to reach 11 to 16 below zero in Minneapolis. These arenâÄôt nearly as dangerous as in the west central area of Minnesota, where wind chills are expected to reach 25 to 40 below zero and continue into tomorrow.

The Midwest has endured the coldest temperatures in the country in the past 24 hours. Although New York has been making headlines of late for its debilitating snowfalls, maybe Frank Sinatra should have sung the line, âÄúIf I can make it there, I can make it anywhereâÄù about Minnesota.