Runway Recap: Voltage 2011

by Sally Hedberg


Those skeptical of the truth that Minneapolis is indeed home to a thriving and constantly evolving fashion scene clearly didn’t attend “Voltage” on Friday night. There’s no doubt about it: the MN Fashion event that boasts a live, local soundtrack to accompany a runway show of premier Twin Cities clothing designers is always fun. People like fashion. People like music. People like hanging out at First Ave. and throwing a few back with their friends, no surprises there. But what is surprising, or rather what’s pretty amazing is the new level of production quality, as far as a multifaceted event like “Voltage” is concerned. This isn’t to say that other local fashion productions are sloppy in any way. It’s really a testament to the current level of inherent design and music talent and the growth of interest, dedication, and experience of organizations like MN Fashion.

 Regardless of how they got there, all of their hard work made for a seamless, high-energy evening of rock’n’roll and runway glamour.


Here’s a handful of my favorite “Voltage” showings (key word: handful):

Danielle Everine

Danielle Everine is a master of delicate, feminine beauty. Her collection, which utilized neutral, soft-colored sheer fabrics, blended elegance with innocence in the most subtle, appealing way. It’s like a grown woman’s quiet nostalgia for her ballerina years. Gorgeous.

Frances Zerr

Fargo transplant Frances Zerr aims to design pieces that won’t go out of style. Her “Voltage” line, built upon wholesome fabrics and crisp silhouettes channel the sexy simplicity of Scandinavian street fashion, but with a little more distinction (that’s a good thing. You don’t want your clothes as minimalistic as your Ikea desk set). Zerr’s looks are both very wearable and very capable of mixing and matching.

Sarah M. Holm

When, a couple of weeks ago, designer Sarah M. Holm told me that some of her “Voltage” looks were inspired from a sculpture, I didn’t really know what to expect. After seeing her daring, showings on the runway I’m thoroughly impressed. Using her characteristic, hand-dyed silks (which were stunning) Holm’s collection forged its own new genre, which I will title futuristic mod-art. My favorite look was a very Jedi-chic (yeah I said it) white/shell/cape number that was paired with a seductive, black one piece swimsuit. 

Raul Osorio

Raul Osorio’s “Voltage” line was definitely one my favorites. Applying a vintage aesthetic to delicate-looking fabrics cut into strong silhouettes, his sexy work had the unique ability to seem both timeless and modern. There’s a white, high-collared, long sleeved floral dress that I might actually kill for.

Side note on the music:

All of the bands (styled/outfitted by local designers) looked awesome. Stylistic themes ran across the board from disco-chic to rockabilly but down to the last accessory, they did thorough job. Performance wise, it’s hard to choose a favorite. It was my first time seeing Fort Wilson Riot and I was completely wowed by their energy (and the pipes of Amy Hager) but in all honesty, each band performed to an incredibly high standard. To say the least, it was an unparalleled night of local art. Good job, guys.