No compensation for Teague

A few recent letters to the editor have inaccurately presented the safeguards we put in place to ensure we 
could obtain any information held by former athletics director Norwood Teague. 
In fairness, we could have been more exact when we initially shared how this process would work. To correct any remaining misperceptions, I want to share precisely what the agreement was and its result.
Upon Teague’s resignation, we announced that, as needed for one month, we would compensate him for his time on an hourly basis if the University of Minnesota needed to consult with him on any matters. We knew that the odds were slim that we would need to contact him for any information, and shortly after that 
announcement, it became evident to us we would not need to seek any information from him.
In the month since the resignation, we have not requested any information from Teague, and so the University will not compensate him for any of his time.