Goldy needs more culture

by Thomas Q. Johnson

A group of students have created a fanpage on facebook called Operation Goldy: Get the Gopher dedicated to getting Goldy to spread his love around campus a little more evenly. According to the site…


"Goldy can most often be seen doing push-ups at the new TCF stadium, giving high-fives to athletes and riding his electric scooter around campus. Yet, it appears that Goldy’s undying devotion to athletics often leaves a group of students yearning for his attention and feeling continuously neglected.

Thus, it is my mission – and yours too, should you choose to accept it – to convince Goldy the Golden Gopher to attend one University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts and Dance event this semester."


You can post picture of gopher spottings, watch the campaign video and even tag your tweets with a #getthegopher to join the movement.

And considering that they could be asking for a $300 million new theater, getting a dude in a costume to come to an event doesn’t seem like that difficult of a request, though as of yet there’s been no word from the little varmit.