Response to “How to spot a womanizer”

by Nick Ochs

My apologies to anyone who has been the victim of a womanizer, but Paige VigilâÄôs Oct. 12 opinion piece is liable to do more harm than good. First of all, referencing Tyra Banks as a source of how to identify a womanizer is preposterous; that show shamelessly panders to shallow female fears. Secondly, giving women tips on how to spot a womanizer and asking them to apply it at their own discretion leaves open the chance that an irrational woman will accuse a good guy of intentions he never had. And lastly, just because you have a âÄúvaginaâÄù (her words, not mine) does not mean you are in control. Any relationship should have a shared power structure. Perhaps if Vigil was to avoid serial dating she wouldnâÄôt end up getting played so often. Nick Ochs University undergraduate student