Peaceful protest on Gaza conflict spurs discussion

The protest was a joint venture between the Muslim Student Association and the Al-Madinah Cultural Center.

Monday February 15th, Rally outside of Coffman. The

Ashley Goetz

Monday February 15th, Rally outside of Coffman. The “Save Save Palestine!” chanting could be heard throughout the mall around 12:30 pm

The Muslim Student Association along with Al-Madinah Cultural Center engineered a pro-peace demonstration at the University of Minnesota Monday to showcase their displeasure of U.S. aid to Israel. About 100 people, including Minneapolis mayoral candidate Tom Fiske, gathered outside Coffman Union for the protest, which is the first event in a week organized by the Muslim Student Association and Al-Madinah to raise awareness about issues in Palestine. Other events throughout the week will include a panel discussion and candlelight vigil on Tuesday and a benefit concert on Thursday, Nadia Huq, vice president of Al-Madinah, said. Huq said that the group doesnâÄôt think the United States should be supporting IsraelâÄôs âÄúinhumaneâÄù actions in Gaza and that the issue is something that all students, not just Muslims or Jews, should be aware of. âÄúThe way we see it,âÄù Huq said, âÄúweâÄôre all U.S. citizens and we donâÄôt support that money going to Israel because the money is being used to commit war crimes.âÄù Samantha Bass , president of Hillel: The Jewish Student Center, said some Jewish students felt âÄúattackedâÄù by the chants at the demonstration. She said she hopes a dialogue about the situation can be established on campus where all sides can be heard, noting that everyone wants the situation in Gaza to end peacefully.