Wife of former U president Nils Hasselmo dies over holiday break

Patricia Tillsberg Hasselmo, wife of former University President Nils Hasselmo, died Dec. 31 at Fairview-University Medical Center. She was 71 years old.
Hasselmo had multiple myeloma, a type of cancer formed by malignant plasma cells that affects the immune system, according to the American Cancer Society.
During her husband’s eight years as University president, which ended in 1997 with the arrival of current president Mark Yudof, Hasselmo served as a diplomat and fund-raiser.
It was the Hasselmos who first opened Eastcliff Mansion, the president’s residence, to students graduating from the University, Yudof said.
Yudof said Hasselmo was a strong person with dignity and presence, and was well respected as the wife of the president.
Hasselmo was of great service to the University, he said, adding she also was also a strong family person.
“(Patricia) was very kind to Judy and me when we came here three-and-a-half years ago,” Yudof added.
Patricia and Nils Hasselmo were married for 42 years. She is survived by three children and one sister.
— Erin Ghere weclomes comments at [email protected]