Police help

by Sarah McKenzie

A University police officer aided a St. Paul woman Monday evening after she injured herself performing a stunt near the Washington Avenue Parking Ramp.
According to police reports, the woman jumped from the ground and swung from a high restriction pole at the west entrance of the parking ramp shortly after 7 p.m.
The woman reportedly fell to the ground after the pole slipped from her hands. She hit her head on the concrete pavement, according to police reports.
A University police officer who witnessed the incident helped the woman, who incurred minor injuries from the botched gymnastic feat. She reportedly suffered blurred vision and dizziness from the accident.
The officer called medical emergency staff and the woman was transported to Regents Hospital in St. Paul for medical attention.
The St. Paul woman is not affiliated with the University.

In other police news:
ù Two female University students notified University Police on May 25 after a man reportedly touched them in an inappropriate manner on a Campus Connector bus earlier in the week.
The man allegedly sat next to the women on different occasions and proceeded to rub their legs while they were sitting on the bus.
After discussing the incidents at work, the students decided to notify University Police, who are investigating the incidents.
Suspect information was not included in the police reports.

ù Minneapolis police arrested a 41-year-old St. Paul man Monday in Dinkytown for possessing a BB gun in public and for fishing without a license.
Officers responded to a call from residents in the neighborhood who reported seeing the man with a gun along Sixth Avenue Southeast that afternoon, according to police reports.
When officers arrived to question the man, they reportedly ordered him to the ground by gunpoint, handcuffed and arrested him.
The St. Paul man was in police custody Tuesday at Hennepin County Jail. Criminal charges have not been filed.

ù University Police arrested a 23-year-old Minneapolis man on Thursday for obstruction of the legal process and possession of marijuana.
The man had five outstanding warrants for his arrest stemming from parking tickets, according to police reports.
University Police Sgt. Erik Swanson confiscated a small amount of marijuana from the man’s car.