Reporter’s notebook: U’s main soaps free of triclosan

by Rebecca Harrington

Although they couldn't track down every type of hand soap the Univeristy of Minnesota uses, representatives from Facilities Management shared the three main products the University uses to see if they contained triclosan.

A University study published recently found that the commonly used antibacterial agent triclosan is building up in Minnesota's lakes, as reported in the Daily earlier this week.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are currently taking another look at triclosan after studies like the University's have prompted them to re-evaluate their position on the ingredient.

Although triclosan is present in many household products, its most common presence is as an active ingredient in hand soaps. Products that have a "Green Seal" can't contain triclosan, according to the website of the non-profit organization by the same name.

The three main hand soaps the University uses are:

"GOJO Green Certified Foam Hand Cleaner"

  • Green Seal
  • No triclosan

"Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Hand Soap with Moisturizers"

  • Green Seal
  • No triclosan

GOJO Luxury Foam Handwash"

  • Triclosan is not listed as an ingredient, but propylene glycol is. The Centers for Disease Control classify propylene glycol as a toxic substance. It's usually used in deicing or antifreeze products because it can hold moisture, according to the CDC website.