The Fashionista is in – A lip gloss that might make you skip McDonalds and McQueen for Target that might start girl fights

Hoodia-enhanced lip plumpers? The beauty world gets weird.

HereâÄôs a heads up: Alexander McQueenâÄôs Target capsule collection, a VERY limited run of a very famous designerâÄôs mass-market designs for my beloved superstore, officially hits a select handful of Target racks tomorrow. It might even be out today, because sometimes Target puts their Go! International lines out a few days early, causing a mass frenzy at lunch hour. (When they put out Jovovich-Hawk last spring a day early, I was there to witness the hysteria. All the corporate clackers were madly scooping up lacy hippie dresses!) As you read this, IâÄôm probably scoping out the flagship Target right now, wishing I had more than $50 in my account. But I digress. The McQ line is meticulously tailored and âÄô80s-inspired, as seems to be a huge spring trend, and McQueen says its aesthetic was evoked by the lead singer from the Duke Spirit, and modeled by Blythe, a âÄò70s doll with huge eyes, a huge head, and a teeny body like those old Steve Madden advertisements. But seriously. This is a huge deal. While the Go! International lines take a midlevel designer (like Thakoon) and have them create an offshoot, the new Design Collaborations line will try to lure big name designers, like my personal Jesus Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel, Fendi), to create Target lines. McQueen, known to be an adventurous âÄúbad boyâÄù in the fashion world, is the first to try it out, and the Target designs bearing his name look to be impressive. Think black and grey with pops of bright blue and pink; IâÄôm obsessed with the sharp-cut blazer ($45) and the blue print dress ($80) so if youâÄôre at Nicollet Target on Wednesday, be prepared to tussle with me! Nicollet Mall is full of untapped treasures And speaking of Nicollet Mall, because IâÄôm there at least three days a week, I thought it was my civic Fashionista duty to inform you that the sales are ridiculous. Times are tough for shopaholics like myself, because everywhere I turn the signs are blaring âÄú75% off sale! One day sale! Everything on clearance!âÄù Off Saks Fifth Avenue, where the salespeople recognize me and the deals are astounding, has been offering their clearance racks at an additional 50% off the ticketed price, and this is big news. Big news. HereâÄôs the rundown: Theory blazers for $50? Regular retail price is about $200, if not more! Diane von Furstenberg (yes, thatâÄôs where Whitney Port from âÄúThe CityâÄù supposedly works, but IâÄôm not entirely convinced her position at DVF is real) dresses for 65% off their original price? Um, yeah. And dudes, the first floor is all you. Burberry shirts, Michael Kors coats, even Calvin Klein trenchcoats perfect for spring abound, and the rainbow wheels of ties always hypnotize me. TheyâÄôve got jeans up the ying-yang, and if youâÄôre really lucky, you can find Tom Ford brand sunglasses for $50. (Last week I got a Young Fabulous and Broke dress, originally priced at $245, for $13! Magic!) I know; I sing the praises of Off Saks all the time, but there are always rumblings of its closure and IâÄôm encouraging foot traffic throughout its deal-stocked aisles. I wouldnâÄôt advocate it if it werenâÄôt miraculous. Plus itâÄôs never as crowded and sweaty as Nordstrom Rack at the MOA, and honestly, the stuff is way better. A few weeks ago they had the Marc by Marc Jacobs lace dress Blair wore for Thanksgiving on Season 1 of âÄúGossip Girl,âÄù and I so wanted to grab it and pretend to be Ms. Waldorf in my journalism classes. Shopping during a recession is difficult, and IâÄôm sure most of you feel sort of guilty when you spend your money on clothing. When the economy wobbles on an unsteady footing, thatâÄôs totally logical. But then again, funneling your cash back into the retail machine is a support system, too, and it makes more sense to be shelling out dollars for a dress than for drinks, right? DieterâÄôs lip gloss? The newest wonder product âÄúThe Today ShowâÄù has been hyping is called âÄúHuge Lips Skinny HipsâÄù and itâÄôs a lip plumper, so yes, itâÄôs going to âÄútingleâÄù (which in PR speak means âÄústing a lotâÄù) and swell your kisser to Jolie-esque heights. Well, Lip Venom does that. But wait! Huge Lips Skinny Hips is made with 10% hoodia, an extract used for centuries to curb hunger. So when you paint your mouth all hot pink and pouty, you donâÄôt eat, either! Does that actually work? IâÄôm intrigued. Of course, this is just another example, as people will be too eager to point out, about the fashion industryâÄôs obsession with thinness, and I guess thatâÄôs true. Scientifically, however, itâÄôs kinda neat. Huge Lips Skinny Hips debuts this month and will run you $20 âĦ did you know that during a recession, lipstick sales rise? Oh, and P.S. – Check out Fashionista next week for a big surprise, which may or may not be exclusively available online (hint hint).