So much for freedom of speech and association

A letter in Wednesday’s paper raised unnecessary suspicions.

by Sean Niemic

I was troubled by some of the suggestions in yesterdayâÄôs letter to the editor concerning my role in the Minnesota Student Association and the Student Services Fees Committee. Anyone who is curious about my involvement in either group is welcome to attend meetings of either organization, which are all open to the public. Though the author of yesterdayâÄôs letter claims to celebrate diversity, it was clear that the letter suggested diversity of thought has no place on campus. Further, in the same sentence that accused me of homologizing campus, the letter advocated an ideological cleansing of the Minnesota Student Association and the Student Services Fees Committee; so much for freedom of speech and freedom of association. The letter also disingenuously claims that Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow receives more money than liberal groups. This simply isnâÄôt true. CFACT has always received less from student services fees than its liberal counterpart, MPIRG. Besides, I was not on the fees committee last year, when funds were awarded for the current fiscal year. Currently, I am chairman of the Administrative Units Fees Committee, which hears the budget requests of administrative units, such as Boynton Health Service and the University Recreation Center, not student groups. I simply donâÄôt have the position or power to homologize campus. Sean Niemic University undergraduate student