Healthy drug law debate

by David Holt

In the spirit of healthy debate, I must challenge the explicit biases from previous writers surrounding the legalization of marijuana. I question whether The Minnesota Daily is the appropriate forum for individuals to duke it out with low-risk citations of questionable statistics that appeal to emotion rather than a logical argument. In reality, there are many variables inherent to the âÄúlegalizationâÄù of any drug including economic, safety and legal factors. Weighing these variables against one another is dependent upon our own unique perception of a drug, which is rooted in our core values. These values prove difficult to change, and thus fuel a quite vicious debate. I encourage writers to remain critical and open-minded to all aspects of an argument, rather than promoting those that simply satisfy their preconceived conclusion. I offer a humble suggestion. Assuming the research here at the University of Minnesota leads to a THC-free cannabis plant and is economically feasible, I see no reason for not pushing this product to the market. The plant has a beautiful spectrum of applications and would not have the negative stigma that THC carries. I applaud the efforts to continue to research THC in search for new and better drugs for pain, nausea and other conditions. For now, the debate continues. David Holt University undergraduate student