Sam Adams plays Sigma Chi

The Boston rapper will be playing as part of their annual Derby Days celebration.

by Conrad Schoenleber

WHO: Sam Adams, Ferris and G-Beck

WHERE: The parking lot of the fraternities on the 1600 block of University Ave.

WHEN: 6:30 p.m., Oct. 16.

COST: $20


Sam Adams is from Boston and raps about partying, getting laid and smoking weed. ItâÄôs music that will be in stark contrast for the dry concert that Sigma Chi has planned.

The event was conceived of last spring to be a part of Sigma ChiâÄôs weeklong Derby Days. All money and proceeds raised will go to the Gillette ChildrenâÄôs Foundation. They predict to make a profit of somewhere between $5,000 and 7,000.          

In light of the recent sexual assaults at campus fraternities, Sigma Chi has hired a professional staff to manage security.

âÄúWith the social moratorium, weâÄôre hiring security to monitor the doors for people who come in, so if they appear intoxicated or are drinking, they will not be let in,âÄù Christopher Spong, the vice president of Sigma Chi said. âÄúWeâÄôre also hiring off-duty Minneapolis and UMPD officers to monitor the party and walk around.âÄù

Although none of the recent sexual assaults occurred at Sigma Chi, the fraternity is viewing the show as a way to improve the tarnished reputation of the University greek community.

âÄúIt stinks what happened with the social moratorium, but by hosting such a reputable artist I think people will look at the fraternity system and see that we will use all our resources to raise good money for philanthropy,âÄù Spong said.

Raising money for a good cause is commendable, but reputable artist Sam Adams is not.

Adams originally gained attention in early 2010 after releasing a remix of Asher RothâÄôs âÄúI Love CollegeâÄù aptly titled, âÄúI Hate College.âÄù The song recycles RothâÄôs already cliché college stereotypes into something that is, well, more cliché. ItâÄôs the same tired themes that have been seen from Animal House to every other gross-out college movie since. For being named after a beer, Adams fails to intoxicate anyone who isnâÄôt already six deep.

âÄúI Hate CollegeâÄú has lyrics that would make any serious student cringe. âÄúI canâÄôt sleep sleep / cause my goddamn teach keep assigning essays due at the end of each week / but little do they know I got a show by the beach / watching girls flash way more than their teeth.âÄù


All of this plus an outrageous abuse of auto-tune makes Adams sound like a freshman who wrote down some semi-clever rhymes and then recorded it on Garage Band in his dorm room. ItâÄôs whiney, unoriginal bro-rap that is very difficult to take seriously.

There is no doubt that Sigma Chi is doing a good thing by raising money for the Gillette ChildrenâÄôs Foundation. ItâÄôs just that from an artistic standpoint, itâÄôs very difficult to endorse this concert. Perhaps, you could donate $15 to charity and spend the extra five on a local artist who is actually worth seeing.