The Daschle blunder

Obama’s admittance sets him on the right path after reneging on his campaign promise.

Tom DaschleâÄôs withdrawal from the nomination as health and human services secretary has caused quite a stir in Washington. The former long-time senator from South Dakota failed to file for $128,000 in taxes. It is true that President Barack Obama has experienced vetting troubles as of late with Daschle and Nancy Killefer , his nomination for federal performance officer, withdrawing based on tax blunders. But DaschleâÄôs indiscretion has allowed for Obama to set the record straight. Daschle has been a superb public servant and is well-equipped to deal with revamping the nationâÄôs healthcare system. Arguably, his negligence does not negate his ability in rallying necessary congressional support for an exemplary healthcare reform plan. Every American should nonetheless be concerned about those indiscretions, because voters elected Obama partly to abandon âÄúpolitics as usual.âÄù Appointing ethically-questionable Washington insiders in his cabinet a mere two weeks into his term breaches that promise. Yet Obama correctly stated late Tuesday that âÄúhe screwed up.âÄù ThatâÄôs a refreshing departure after having suffered from the Bush administrationâÄôs stubborn refusal to admit to any of its transgressions. ObamaâÄôs confession illustrates he realizes a problem, and a good prognosis could be just what voters need after eight years of dumbly watching elected representatives transform public offices into invite-only massage parlors for morally-insipid lobbyists, contractors and executives, all while the nation crumbles itself and other nations. ItâÄôs a new day in Washington, and we should applaud Obama for showing integrity. ThatâÄôs a trait in government officials, especially ones looking to reform the broken and corrupt healthcare industry, that voters should demand with truculence.