Betsy DeVos is here — Do you know where your children are?

We need to keep sight of future generations when government conspires against them.

by Kate McCarthy

In third grade, I failed an open book science test. You read that right — open book. Attending a poorly-run public school in California, I simply had no concept of tests, homework, anything academic. Now at a large public university, I’m more grateful than ever for public education and the opportunity it affords.

This is a column about that trite, hackneyed old chestnut of a Miss America answer: the children. And their biggest adversary right now is Betsy DeVos, the nominee for secretary of education.

A proponent of voucher programs, essentially a means of privatizing schools, DeVos has plans to ravage public education. In the process of free-market education reform, students will get lost in the shuffle — they will no longer be the focus in their own education system. I want kids to have a better shot in their public schools than I did, and hoped that as years passed we wouldn’t be facing these kinds of obstacles.

I huddled with two of my best friends a few nights ago, putting together a lesson plan for the after-school creative writing class we’ll be teaching at a local school. It’s one small step, but I want kids to feel more secure in their education. Bolstering future generations is paramount as we face these tough next four years. Kids need to know they’re valued and prioritized — every effort counts.