Dr. Date: My boyfriend is panic-buying, and it’s pissing me off

Like, do we really need 20 pounds of rice?!


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

You know those assholes who are taking absolutely everything off the shelves of grocery stores to keep for themselves and/or sell for much higher prices online? Well, that’s my boyfriend. 

I came home from work a few days ago to a mountain of rice, beans, pasta, Kleenex, hand wipes and toilet paper. We live together, but it’s just the two of us — the stuff he brought home is enough to supply a family of 12 for a month. When I asked why he bought so much, he said that he’s planning on posting any extras on Facebook Marketplace to see how much he could earn. 

I’m super pissed. I think he’s unnecessarily hoarding, but at this point, everything has already been purchased. I’m thinking of returning stuff, and he’s still talking about going out shopping again! Is there anything I can do?


He’s One of THOSE People

Dear He’s One Of THOSE People,

Well, at least you’re sane enough to realize he’s being over-the-top. It’s natural to want to ensure you’re stocked up, but he’s buying into the panic, literally. I wouldn’t try and return anything, as it’ll be a much greater hassle and not really worth it. Instead, I’d put aside everything the two of you might need for the next six weeks, then offer some of the leftovers up to people who need it. Keep an eye on social media for friends upset about empty shelves and ask if they could use anything you have. Just make sure to keep some distance — maybe leave it outside your door for people to pick up? 

When it comes to dealing with your boyfriend wanting to shop again, you should start showing him all these posts. A lot of people are going without because of others doing what he did. Show him the effects, and it’ll hopefully weigh on him enough to make him reconsider. Stay safe!


Dr. Date