Spare change in Minnesota

If the people of Minnesota spoke Tuesday, it was not for change. Rather, the citizens of our (perhaps formerly) great state chose stasis and incumbency instead of progress and vision. Where once we gave the nation the passion of Sen. Paul Wellstone, we appear to have placed the complacent Sen. Norm Coleman. Where once we put forth Sen. Eugene McCarthy to change the course of the national Democratic Party, we have let the dissenting voices of Ashwin Madia and Steve Sarvi slip into silence. And where once we led the nation with Hubert H. HumphreyâÄôs vision and MondaleâÄôs reason, we have now chosen to ratify Rep. Michelle BachmanâÄôs zealotry. While the rest of the nation celebrates a historic presidency, the people of Minnesota should take a moment to look in the mirror. President Barack Obama owes us nothing for his victory, for our 10 electoral college votes have been superseded by our congressional mediocrity. Dane McFarlane Graduate student