Last defendant sentenced in hockey riot

by Koran Addo

Hennepin County sentenced the final student charged in connection with the April 12 riot following the Gophers men’s hockey championship.

Nicholas Lagos, 19, was sentenced to 90 days of work squad duty, three years probation and $4,600 in restitution for first-degree aiding and abetting damage to property.

Jeff Degree, Lagos’ attorney, said his client was photographed standing beside a car that was flipped over later that night but left the scene before the car was flipped.

A photograph taken after the car was flipped did not have Lagos in it, Degree said.

“I have been frustrated with this case from the outset because the court system is supposed to be in the job of punishing people based on culpability,” he said. “People who flip cars over should be treated differently from people who were just standing and watching.”

– Koran Addo