Tea party protests are about freedom

Today’s demonstrations against taxes are good and necessary.

With the recent events on Wall Street âÄî and the bumbling attempts of our leaders to plug the holes in this sinking ship âÄî the threat comes not from foreign enemies but internal ones. The lack of intelligent leadership started by the Bush administration and continued by the Obama administration has not gone unnoticed by the public. In recent weeks, a growing unrest has risen to the surface. Today is a day that will strike fear in the hearts of many procrastinators. This year, however, there is a group of proactive people who hope to turn the tables on the government. Liberty lovers will gather together in cities across the country to demonstrate their displeasure with the policies of the current administration by hosting âÄútea parties.âÄù When the first tea party took place in the waters of Boston Harbor, the protest was not directed toward taxes, per se. Instead, the colonists had a problem with the idea that the British crown could tax them with no regard of colonial representation. It was a protest against the tyrannical power with which King George claimed to hold the colonies. This country is founded upon the lofty ideal of governance by the consent of the governed. With consent comes an implied acceptance of dissent when the will of the governed is subverted. The proposed demonstrations being called âÄútea partiesâÄù have as their fundamental basis this understanding. The dissent that will be carried today is good and necessary. But it must be remembered that the dissent is not against one administration or another. It is directed toward the growing legislative attack on our most fundamental beliefs. The âÄútea partiesâÄù are not about increased taxes or personal disdain for the political party or platform of a single politician. Instead, they are about the preservation of the rights of every man to be free. This column, accessed via UWire, was originally published in The Daily Reveille at Louisiana State University. Please send comments to [email protected].