Fashionista revolution

by Kelsey Bigbee

I sat down Tuesday to read my Minnesota Daily, my fingers crossed that the Fashionista column would actually be worth reading, but, like every other week, it was not. I was disappointed with the models that were chosen, especially Kate Moss. I want to see models that are changing the industry and making the world a better place. Women like Kate Dillion and Crystal Renn, who are considered plus-size in the fashion world but have been seen in Glamour and Vogue. These women show true beauty and not some unattainable, unrealistic idea of what beauty is. Times are changing, and it is time for the Fashionista column to change as well. I am so sick of reading about what super-trendy boutique I could go to for a $120 pair of jeans. IâÄôm in college, like most readers, and I do not have $120 to spend on jeans that are going to go out of style in six months anyway. I want to see the so-called Fashionista actually think outside the box and provide readers with ways to update their closet without spending a dime. Maybe then the column will actually be something worth reading. Kelsey Bigbee, University undergraduate student