Plow bicycle lanes

by Chase Ellig - University senior


The temperatures are starting to sink again, and for a lot of students that means their bicycles are getting locked up for the season. For the rest of us cyclists, it just means itâÄôs time to bust out the furry hats and scarves.

Unfortunately, the winter weather can bring with it new dangers for those willing to brave the freezing wind.

As a car driver, motorcycle rider, cyclist and pedestrian, I know there is plenty of blame to go around when it comes to accidents and near misses. Slowing down and paying more attention to whatâÄôs going on around you goes a long way to making campus a safer place.

While cycling, IâÄôve been forced off the road, cut off by cars, hit by other cyclists and had to swerve for countless pedestrians who walk into the road without checking for cyclists. A few crashes, eight stitches and a new bike later, IâÄôm still out there.

But if thereâÄôs one thing that scares me, itâÄôs the cycling lanes getting filled with snow by the plows âÄî this forces cyclists into traffic, and on roads like University Avenue and the 10th Avenue Bridge, where drivers arenâÄôt used to paying attention to us, itâÄôs especially hazardous.

The University and city should not consider cycling lanes as just a nice place to put snow. ItâÄôs dangerous and irresponsible for them not to be cleared along with the rest of the road.