I gave up on the Gosselins, but. . .

by Kara Nesvig

 I used to be a "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fan. Well, to suit the changing times and their impending divorce, I’ve decided now I am a "Kate + 8" fan, but I refuse to tune into TLC to watch the show anymore. Unless the kids do REALLY cute things, I won’t budge. I’d rather watch "Cake Boss." But this little blip from my favorite chick-centric blog, Jezebel, about recently-sprung Ed Hardy devotee Jon Gosselin’s 22-year-old girlfriend was too funny not to share. Remember when Kate got a free tummy tuck in the first season? Well, the doctor and his wife are Jon’s girlfriend’s parents. And she’s a big proponent of "medical" marijuana, as evidenced by the Jez girls snooping on her Facebook. Apparently Hailey and Jon are developing a line of children’s clothes for Ed Hardy. Let’s hope not. I like my Gosselin babies free of rhinestones and skulls.

See it here:  jezebel.com/5313590/9-things-about-jon-gosselins-new-girlfriend/gallery/