Ye olde street style: Minnesota Renaissance Festival

by Joe Cristo

I know that this sounds too easy. Finding people with interesting outfits at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is literally the point of the whole thing. Everyone goes all out and drops hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their outfits.

But, believe it or not, most of the people at the Renaissance Festival no longer wear Renaissance-era outfits. I saw three people wearing the same American Eagle T-shirt; most ensembles were blander than I expected.

Still, there were more than enough elaborate outfits and personalities to go around. Sometimes people dressed in historically accurate clothing, other times they sported Middle Earth fantasy garb. Here’s what they wore:

Jowie Hilborn, 23

What she wore: flower crown, a scepter, some flowers, a homemade dress and more flowers

Hilborn’s outfit was made primarily by herself as a means of expressing her “undying love of flowers.” She completed her outfit with intense contouring, heavy lip gloss and elf ears. Hilborn’s outfit includes a long, flowing dress and an elaborate flower crown.

Hilborn came to the Renaissance Festival for the mead. Huzzah!

Thomas O’Neil, 26

What he wore: cloak, sword, chain mail armor and leather boots

O’Neil made his outfit almost entirely by himself. The cloak, tunic and boots were all projects made specifically for the festival. The belt was bought online from a medieval clothing website.

Historical accuracy is a must at this shebang; O’Neil’s outfit is basically right out of the Templar.

Alex Stanishevskay, 23

What he wore: homemade trousers, baker’s hat and beige vest

Stanishevskay cut and sewed his own outfit as well as the outfits worn by his daughter and wife. Together, they look like a medieval baker’s family.

What sets Stanishevskay apart is how “plain” yet meticulous his outfit looks. Most festivalgoers dress like heroes and knights, but this family chose to dress up as peasantry.

Hear ye, hear ye! The Stanishevskay family is breaking molds!

Jody McGuire, 26

What she wore: elf ears, homemade skirt, quiver, bow and arrows

While McGuire did create the majority of her outfit, some of her props were purchased online.

McGuire’s ensemble isn’t too concerned with historical accuracy — her armor and head garb are less Renaissance and more fantasy.

McGuire’s dog, Chewy, also has his own costume, complete with breeches, a wig and a medieval hat.

Dogs are, of course, m’lady’s best friend.