MNfashion cancels fashion week, set to restructure for 2014

by Melanie Richtman

MNfashion announced that it will be restructuring in 2014 in order to better serve the budding fashion community in Minnesota. The organization, which is run completely by volunteers, feels that it is no longer able to provide the level of quality needed to support designers and retailers while still functioning as a non-profit.

MNfashion’s marketing director Katie Schutrop release this statement in a press release on Jan. 2: “Due to our quick growth as a nonprofit organization run by all volunteers, MNfashion has come to a point where we have outgrown our current business practice. It is now important that we take a closer look at day-to-day operations so as to continue to serve retailers, emerging designers and established designers in the best way possible."

In an open letter, executive director Tara Murphy stated that the decision is not a financial one, seeing as MNfashion has not lost any money on an event since May 2012. However, she would like to be able to compensate the people who work so hard year-round to organize MNfashion’s events.

While the restructuring takes place, MNfashion will not be producing any events, including Voltage, Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week and the Emerging Designer showcase, among other industry events. It is now up to independent designers to put together MSPFW, a challenge they may not be willing to take on.