T-Hall wins Conservation Madness competition

by Emily Cutts

Territorial Hall

Territorial Hall residents with their winning plaque. Photo courtesy of Chris Kelleher

Territorial Hall won the Conservation Madness Competition, a two-week long competition to encourage students to conserve resources. The announcement was made last night at a community council meeting.

More than 40 students were present for the announcement. Excited chatter and giggles filled the room as T-Hall residents waited for the news.

“I guess the word got out there was a big announcement,” said Brett Chin, associate program director for housing and residential life.

T-Hall had a nearly 5 percent reduction in energy use, more than 20 percent in recycling and 8.28 pounds of waster per capita. Comstock and Yudof Hall were in second and third place respectively. For their efforts, T-Hall will hold a Final Four Championship tailgate party on April 4.

“I think this year, we really went into it wanting to try it and see how it turned out,” said Chris Kelleher, a Facilities Management spokesman. “We were actually really pleasantly surprised with especially the energy reductions that came out of the contest and we hope to do it again next year.”

Sustainability advocates Michael Eckhoff and Beau Sinchai were present for the announcement. Eckhoff said that for a week his hall had half-lighting to save energy. Sinchai said she told her residents to stop using the handicap door button and to shower less.