Eat this: food trucks

Rock the Garden brings dozens of food trucks to Boom Island Park.

by Joe Cristo

The food at Rock the Garden is almost as important as the music. Every year a bevy of vendors gather around the flock of hungry festival-goers delivering very specific, sometimes foreign food. This year, I decided to try six different food trucks and feature my top three favorites. It was definitely hard, but the best stuck out in my mind by balancing flavor and originality. Let me recommend a few. 


Hot Indian Foods:

After waiting in line for 45 minutes, I was able to get my hands on their signature dish and American-Indian staple, chicken tikka masala. The Indian-style french fries were spicy and crisp, and the masala was covered in coleslaw. The price is steep (as most food trucks are), but you get a huge portion that is definitely more than enough for two people to share. 


The Anchor Fish and Chips:

Huge. The portions are massive. Served with maybe the best tartar sauce I’ve ever eaten, the crispy, crumbly pieces of cod are less strips and basically entire pieces of fish. You get two served with french fries. I’ll admit, the fries weren’t great (which is important if you want a quality fish and chips experience), but the fish was probably some of the best English-style food I’ve ever had. They have other traditional dishes like meat pasties and shepherd’s pie. I’m not that adventurous, but their signature dish put a smile on my face.


Wild Earth Wood Fired Mobile Pizza Bakery:

The best things come in very small, unassuming packages. Wild Earth Pizza prides itself on quick, wood-fired pizzas that are extra easy to carry around while listening to your favorite band. Another expensive treat, the size definitely leaves something to be desired, but it’s so packed with flavor that you’re more than willing to forgive and forget. Less a food truck and more a wandering tent, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a personal pizza vendor at a festival. First time for everything, I suppose.