Medical marijuana store sets up shop in D.C.

by Molly Novak

A company providing supplies for growing medical marijuana will be setting up shop Friday only a few miles from the White House. 

WeGrow first opened in Sacremento last year by Dhar Mann. It has since opened a store in Phoenix and is looking to open stores in San Jose and Flagstaff, Arizona in the future. The store is also located in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and is working to move into Oregon, Washington state and Michigan, according to the Huffington Post.

The District of Columbia and 16 states have legalized medical marijuana to treat ailments ranging from back pain to anxiety, according to the Washington Post. Legislation in January put a limit on how much medical marijuan could be grown.

 WeGrow sells plant food and vitamins, along with ventilation and lighting systems. The store will offer how-to classes, books and magazines about growing the plant, reported the Huffington Post.  The store will not sell the plant or seeds to grow the plant.