Stunning blow to democracy

by Deborah Bragg

I am outraged by the judicial activism of the five conservative Supreme Court justices. This is the definition of fascism. For corporations to have personhood is completely inappropriate. Does this mean that corporations can go to jail if they kill someone? Can corporations be given the death sentence? Does this mean that they will now pay taxes as individuals are taxed? To allow corporations to throw however much money at the candidate of their choice is outrageous. As if there wasnâÄôt enough corporate corruption in politics already. Now, if we go to vote, we only need to ask, âÄúWhich corporation am I voting for?âÄù What will happen to the charitable organizations some corporations are involved with? Will they instead opt to spend their charitable contributions on campaigns for the corporate candidate of their choice? This is a stunning blow to democracy. ItâÄôs dead now. Deborah Bragg, Daily reader