A little Gopher pride

There is something to be said for faith. There is something to be said for perseverance. And as cheesy as it sounds, sometimes you gotta believe.
Despite a sub-par beginning of the season, which included a loss to lowly Ohio, the Minnesota football team has kicked its underachieving demons in the teeth. The Gophers have held together and accomplished what might be a first in college football: After losing to the Bobcats at home, Minnesota marched into the Horseshoe and beat the “other” team in the state, the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Not only was the win the Gophers’ first in Columbus since 1949, it came on the Buckeyes’ homecoming day and vaulted Minnesota into a first place tie in the Big Ten conference. This creates an opportunity for a second milestone victory for Minnesota. On Oct. 28, the Gophers will host Northwestern, another surprise team atop the conference standings.
It will be homecoming weekend at the University of Minnesota, and the game will be more meaningful than usual. The Gophers, should they win all four of their remaining games, have an excellent chance to play in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena.
The Metrodome will never be Ohio State’s Horseshoe. It will never be the Big House in Ann Arbor, nor will the Rouser ever seem as powerful as “Hail to the Victors.” But two Saturday’s from now, Minnesota has the chance to be one of the centers of the college football universe. On homecoming Saturday, fans should get up, catch the bus downtown and watch Minnesota battle the Wildcats.
If you have never watched a Gophers football game before, this is the best possible one with which to begin. Even if you’re not a football fan, put on your Maroon and Gold anyway and go support your team, your school or your band, if that’s what it takes.
Although there is no guarantee the Gophers will win on Homecoming day, sometimes you gotta believe.