U excused absence policy back in place Feb. 25

by Rebecca Harrington

The University of Minnesota is returning to its usual excused absence policy on Monday, Feb. 25, according to an email sent to faculty and staff on Wednesday.

Students will have to show their instructors a doctor's note for the absence to be excused. The University suspended the usual policy requiring notes on the first day of classes this semester, according to a previous MN Daily article.

Karen Hanson, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost, and Kathy Brown, vice president for human resources, wrote in the email that the University suspended the policy "to encourage those who develop flu-like symptoms to stay home and recover."

Influenza symptoms include fever, drowsiness, cough and aches, according to the University webpage.

If students get the flu, University policy requires them to notify their instructor as soon as possible and provide a doctor's note for the absence to be excused.