Time capsule found in Millard cornerstone

by Nathan Whalen

A piece of the University’s past was reclaimed Thursday when construction workers tearing down Millard Hall discovered an 88-year-old time capsule in the building’s cornerstone.
“We thought there might have been several capsules in the buildings,” said Christine Roberts, communications director for the Academic Health Center.
But she said no other capsules have been found in the ongoing demolition of Lyon Lab and Owre and Millard halls. The buildings are being torn down to make way for the new Molecular and Cellular Biology Building.
Damage caused when the capsule was discovered allowed workers to see papers titled “Model Curriculum,” but other content is unknown.
Officials want to open the capsule in front of a large group of people, so they will wait until the Oct. 28 celebration marking the opening of Jackson Hall and the groundbreaking of the molecular science building.
Roberts said the capsule might be opened at the Radisson Hotel Metrodome, where part of the celebration takes place.
For the time being, the time capsule is being stored in the office of Dr. Frank Cerra, senior vice president of the Academic Health Center.

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