Racism in Daily’s Backtalk pages

White privilege, with its history, is more troubling than it is comical.

by Cortez Riley

As a Student Service Fees-paying student, I am appalled with the some aspects of the âÄúOverheardâÄù section of The Minnesota Daily. Some of its racist and sexist undertones are despicable. I would like to direct your attention to a phrase from the Sept. 20
Overheard section: âÄúBiracial babies are so cute! Biracial people are so cute. I wish I were biracial, IâÄôd be so much prettier. Well, I guess I appreciate my white privilege, but still,âÄù one submission states.
âÄúWhite privilegeâÄù is my issue with the statement. I do not think the person who stated this understands the potential harm a statement of the sort could have on its readers.
White privilege is the fact that communities of color are still suffering from predatory home loans and rejection of purchasing a home in all-white neighborhoods. White privilege is the fact that our state and federal governments passed No Child Left Behind when all but white students have been left behind.
White privilege is the fact that slavery and the near-extinction of Native Americans occurred. White privilege is the fact that within the 21st century, black men are being racially profiled and killed by the police forces across America.
I am sure many of you think that âÄúOverheardâÄù is simply comedy. But consider the satire from another part of AmericaâÄôs racist history: Black faces, which have been a form of comedic relief for white people for years. White actors would paint themselves black, portraying African-Americans as subhuman, all for a laugh.
Though the comment âÄî along with some sexist comments âÄî has been simply âÄúoverheard,âÄù the Daily chose to publish them. I do not approve of my Student Service Fees funding the belittlement of African-Americans (my people), women or any other communities of color. I urge students to speak out against these oppressive remarks and to not remain silent.

Cortez Riley is University student. Please send comments to [email protected]