Degrading Network comments

In reading NetworkâÄôs conversation with âÄúself righteous ho,âÄù I was deeply disgusted and offended that The Minnesota Daily would print something like this when the Daily doesnâÄôt even allow article comments online that could be considered offensive. Even if the whole thing is a joke, it just goes to show that when these sort of things are joked about, people seem to think that it is OK. The way that women in the sex industry are discussed is horrible âÄî as if they are not people who deserve respect. To hear Network refer to women, who make up a majority of those working in the sex industry, as âÄúpretty little hookers and strippersâÄù is blatantly offensive, especially to those of us who acknowledge that women are more than just their bodies and sexuality. Ami Wazlawik University student