Things we considered covering. . . but didn’t (pt 2)

by Kara Nesvig

 Just when we think spring is about to be, well, sprung, winter comes blowin’ on back and snows on our parade. Oh well, even though the weather might have changed for the colder, it’s about that time in A&E-land, where things start to get a little crazy; there are film festivals to attend, art openings to meander through, and some really important, relevant stuff gets stuck within the cogs of our well-oiled entertainment machine. So, just in case you missed it. . .here’s another edition of “Things we considered covering (but didn’t.”


“Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience”

Okay, so this isn’t out yet, but just so you know, there won’t be a big detailed review of the JoBro’s big, nasally concert-a-palooza in our pages. However, judging from the extreme popularity of Jonas contemporary Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again” at frat parties near and far last spring (don’t deny it, we know it’s true) we’re sure that some of you U-ites will be checking out metro Joe, curly-headed Cyrus-ex Nick, and the ugly one. . .Kevin, right? Far as we know it’s just a concert movie, and sitting through more than an hour of Jonas squealing is impossible and baffling, but unfortunately it seems that the Brothers Jonas, Tiffany purity rings and $1,000 shoes in all, are really culturally relevant right now. “SNL” had them on last week to boost their ratings and they did perform with Stevie Wonder at the Grammy’s, so who knows. Pop culture is a funny thing.

(On that note, we’re not sure why there’s another “Madea” movie in Tyler Perry’s inexplicably popular series about a feisty grandma (Perry in drag), but there is. “Madea Goes to Jail” is in theaters now, and the ladies from “The View” make an appearance.)


A “Clueless” sequel

You don’t mess with perfection. It, like, just isn’t done. So when we heard a rumor of a “Clueless: High School Reunion” sequel to the ‘90s classic, we went a little postal. AS IF! Turns out it’s a total Monet—you know, pretty from far away, but once you get up close, it’s a total mess. Fake! (Thank God.)


The last episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

To the delight of zany-humored college kids and the chagrin of parents who like to fall asleep to the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” the redheaded jokester will be taking over Leno’s spot in a short while. However, Friday night was the final ep of Conan’s show, which he helmed for ___ years. Leno will move up into prime time and we figure your parents are getting older, they’ll start falling asleep at 9 P.M. soon anyway. The bad news? Jimmy Fallon is taking over Conan’s spot, as you probably knew. Get ready to wince as it falls flatter than Carson Daly’s awful, awful show. (By the way, I totally cried at the Actors’ Studio’s “Thanks for the Memories” Conan-centric tribute song. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Must be the weather.) And by the way, check out Conan’s favorite clip, the 1860s version of baseball. We were all cracking up Sunday during edits.


Morrissey’s “Years of Refusal” & Asobi Seksu, “Hush”

Moz is back with a new solo album, and as expected, it’s both sort of melancholy and full of songs with ridiculously wordy titles (Fall Out Boy, you copycats!) like “I’m Throwing my Arms Around Paris.”

“Hush,” from 3-piece, female-fronted band Asobi Seksu, is kind of shoegazey, kind of Cure-y, and definitely dreamy.