The future of men’s mental health

As we approach spring break, we realize that the school year is coming to a close.

However, just because the academic year ends does not mean that the problems and issues surrounding it end as well. I believe it is imperative that this fact is not overlooked, especially when it comes to the issue of men’s mental health.

In early February, I presented the subject of men’s mental health reform to the Student Health Advisory Committee. I received overwhelming support from both students and staff members. Mike Schmit, one of the candidates for president of the Minnesota Student Association, is one such individual who has really helped in the overall movement of this initiative.

After he heard my idea to launch a Men’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign, Schmit provided me with many of the contacts that have become critical in the consideration of and support for this idea. I see the dedication that Schmit and his running mate Fiona Cummings demonstrates to not only the men’s mental health initiative but also to the betterment of the student body as a whole. That is why I support Schmit and Cummings for MSA president and vice president.

I believe in the ability and power of the student body here at the University of Minnesota. Through the combined efforts of students, their governing body and administrators, I believe that the future of men’s mental health services on campus is bright.